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Gary's Music

Searching the Internet For a Certain MIDI File

Search the Web with Alta Vista
Instructions are at the bottom of the page

Search the Web with Hotbot
Instructions are at the bottom of the page

File Extensions:

Search the Web with Infoseek
Instructions are basically the same as for Alta Vista.

Search FTP Sites with
Enter the file name or partial file name of a MIDI file.

Visit all registered sites with Standard MIDI Files on the Net
This comprehensive list of sites also has 'search pages'.
Do you think you have found an unlisted MIDI file page?
Copy & paste the non-frame URL of the page that actually has MIDI files.

If it isn't, you'll be able to add it, so everyone can enjoy it.

If you can't find it elsewhere, then make a request on news:alt.binaries.sounds.midi
Use the subject "REQ: Song_title" ("Song_title" being the title of the song which you want).

How to Search Alta Vista

How to Search Hotbot

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